Saturday, February 20, 2010

Flowers for Johnny Weir

I had no idea who Johnny Weir was until two women from Japan came to my shop the other day. They travelled all the way from Japan to cheer for Johnny Weir at the Olympics and they wanted big bouquets of flowers. They wanted the flowers to be "cute" which made me very confused... why do they want to give a man a "cute" bouquet? Do they want to let him know how cute THEY are? So, I chose to use Polo white roses which in my opinion are quite cute with their round shape. I also used Hypericum berries to add a subtle cuteness to the bouquet. The result was a cute Queensberry style bouquet and the Japanese ladies left satisfied. After I got home from the shop that night, I made sure I watched Johnny Weir compete for the USA in Free Style figure skating. Only then did I understand that my so-called "subtle cuteness" was not enough. A surge of regret came across me. I should have gone "ALL PINK", I should have used sparkles! Lesson learned...the customer is always right!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day

Up until today, Queensberry was filled with color. Pink, Yellow, Orange in our mini Berry bouquets were so lovely, not to mention the beautiful purple color in my favorite spring blooms such as Hyacinth and Anemones. BUT! from today, it will be dominated by one particular color, which clearly represents three important dates that we are welcoming in Vancouver in the next few days... "RED"!!! Red for Valentine's Day, Chinese New Year, and the Canadian flag. What an exciting time it is to be in this city right now.

"Freedom" red roses are one of my favorites. Its deep red is elegant and classy, and the shape of the flower is a work of art. If you take a look at our Freedom Roses, you will probably agree with me.

We have fresh Freedom roses just for Valentine's Day. We will be open on Saturday Feb. 13th & Sunday Feb. 14th, so come pick up our gorgeous Freedom Roses for your loved ones (or for yourself!) before they are all gone! We'll have our regular Berry Bouquets and Queen Bouquets as well as Flower Cubes, all dressed in Valentine's Day color, waiting for you! See you at the shop!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Queensberry welcomes the world!

We had an exciting moment today and I thought writing about it would be a great first blog post to kick start Queensblog! Well, we were just about to close the shop when we were approached by a group of young women wanting to purchase "Lucky Bamboo". They all selected their bamboo carefully and had them wrapped to take home. They were very courteous and friendly, thanking us for staying open for them. I asked where they were from, since they were wearing matching track suits. It turned out that they were Finnish hockey players! Olympic athletes at my shop!?? I couldn't help but to with that my lucky bamboos bring them good luck during these exciting times.

As we are located in the heart of downtown, we see athletes and volunteers and other people that are visiting from around the world. The number of people using the Skytrain is ever increasing and the inevitable sense of excitement is intoxicating!

Be sure to stop by the shop to check out our Olympics-themed products following Valentine's Day. We will welcome the world with flowers!

Why don't you bring in luck to your life with our "Lucky Bamboo"?
1 stalk: $5
3 stalks: $12