Monday, April 5, 2010

Japan Trip: Sakura and Starbucks

Some of you already know, but I was fortunate enough to go back to Tokyo in early March for a much needed injection of Japanese food and culture (and to spend time with my friends and family, of course). Well, I was also hoping to catch the early blossoming of Sakura (Cherry blossoms in Japanese). Sakura holds a special place in every Japanese person's heart. Japanese people find true beauty in what Sakura symbolizes - the transient nature of life. After much anticipation throughout the cold winter, the city becomes filled with the breathtaking views of cherry blossoms. But the flowers only last for at most two weeks and in many cases will end quicker due to strong winds or rain. It is that fleeting moment of beauty that reminds us of how brief but beautiful life is.

So like any smart business in Japan does, Starbucks Japan decided to take advantage of Japanese people's emotional ties to Sakura. And I have to admit, I was completely and utterly happy to be taken advantage of. The Starbucks Sakura Steamer (Sakura flavored sweet steamed milk) accompanied by heavenly Sakura Macarons that were sweet and creamy was everything I could have asked for in a macaron.

Unfortunately, I just missed the actual blooming of Cherry blossoms by a few weeks, but while in Japan I was reminded of how wonderful it is to celebrate the change of the seasons. And more importantly, how wonderful it is for me to be in a position where I can witness the change of the seasons so closely. Maybe that's why I wanted to become a florist.

Egg cups and glittery eggs

This Easter weekend was a lot of fun at Queensberry. Thank you to our loyal customers who choose us for your Easter flower treats! We filled our stand with Easter-colored mini berries and glass vase arrangements. We even did something new - mini Easter Egg Cups! Hope everyone enjoyed the cute line-up of the egg cups!

What we like to do at Queensberry is to have fun with flowers. Never mind the flower arrangement rules or traditional way of displaying flowers. Really, if you think about it, all flowers need is something that holds water... hence the egg cups... and empty wine bottles, jam jars, cocktail glasses etc. etc. Use your instincts, try a few different things and do what feels (or looks) right to you. You will start noticing more original and interesting ways to incorporate flowers in your daily lives. Happy Easter!