Queensberry Flower Company inc. is a Vancouver-based chain of Tokyo-style flower shops.  Our cute mini bouquets has been bringing smiles to people around the city since 2009Queensberry is also a specialist of wedding flowers and also offers flower lessons to those wishes to spend a relaxing afternoon arranging fresh flowers & connecting with the crafty ladies!

The Founder of Queensberry
Kanako Heinrichs, a Japanese girl from Tokyo, has passion for everything cute -  to bring more cuteness to Vancouver and beautify SkyTrain Stations she opened her first cheery Urban Flower Kiosk in Fall 2009 and then Yaletown Design Studio in Fall 2011.  

She holds a B.A. in Art & Design from University of Alberta, and a diploma in Professional Floral Design, and has been an artist all her life.  As a visual artist, Kanako also showcases her passion and skills through exhibitions locally and internationally. 

As a new immigrant to Canada, Kanako's success has been featured in numerous publications and her floral creations has been wowing hundreds of wedding couples.

Canadian Immigrant Magazine

Head Designer
Norie Ohmi, a Kamakura, Japan native, is the girl behind beautiful creations at Queensberry.  She loves girly, princess-like style with lots of pink, and her favorite flower is a fragrant lilac.  She enjoys visiting local interior design stores or antique shops for inspiration on her day-off and can be seen shop- and cafe-hopping in Yaletown or South Granville area. 

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