Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fall has arrived

Now at the shop, it's all about beautiful fall colors, fall plants and pumpkins.  One of our favorites at Queensberry is Physalis also known as Chinese lantern or Cape Gooseberry.  You can dry them and keep them for a long time and they are a great addition to fall-themed bouquets or arrangements.

Whenever I see Physalis, I feel warm and fuzzy because my mother used to tell me that inside the orange lantern lives a fairly and that individual lanterns are little houses for fairies and I should never break them.  Later on I found out that there is actually a little fruit inside the lanterns, but I still like to imagine a little fairy dancing inside them. 

Another favorite at Queensberry are mini pumpkins.  You will see a pile of mini pumpkins all through autumn at our shop, and we're so excited to have these in our arrangements!  

... and don't forget our little glittery pumpkin picks!